The God Particle

A few years ago, Leon Letterman published a book about the search for an elusive particle called the Higgs Boson. Physicists are still befuddled about the nick name-God particle, as it has, in their opinion, nothing to do with God or religion.

It is simply the smallest bit of matter we have ever witnessed, and it is this tiny particle which gives mass to our world. Other exotic particles like neutralinos and B_s mesons are also out there, but they don’t carry quite the same weight as the Higgs-Boson.

As I mentioned, physicists don’t like the moniker “God particle” and neither, I would imagine, do theologians. I don’t care for it, but for other reasons. Many well-intentioned believers enter into this discussion like a man in a gunfight with no bullets. All you can do is throw your gun.

My goal here is to remind readers that the physicists are right–this has nothing to do with religion, faith, God…nothing to do with these things at all. It is a wonderful discovery for science and for the better understanding of our world, but it neither proves nor disproves anything I believe related to my faith or religion.

Indeed, it puts me in more awe than I was before, by showing the incredible complexity of God’s creation. The Creator does great work!

Let’s celebrate that!

For a great little book on prayer, go see:

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