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I recently began reading a book on the New testament. It has, unfortunately, been a long time since I have tried to “study” The Bible. Since I studied it for years, and ministered with it for years, I had convinced myself that I pretty much knew anything I needed to know about The Bible. Looking at this book, however, has reminded me of how easy it is to assume that what we think we know about The Bible is correct, and that what we think (right or wrong) informs our daily lives and interactions.

We praise things in one decade we would never allow in another decade. We laud one political party in one area of our lives and denounce them years later. We either assume everyone thinks like us, or we revel that we’re the outlier.

The Bible, however, never changes. Our interpretation of it does, and that’s the danger. If we are not careful, we simply use The Bible to prop up something we already believe, rather than let it say what it says. We proudly brag about feeding the poor, but gripe about food stamps. We boast that we ought to heal the sick, but scream about health care entitlements. I get so weary of reading social networking post by those who agree with me theologically, but get smug, dismissive, and demeaning about helping their fellow man. Remember how the prayer begins–Our Father.

I’m not holding my breath, but someday, I’m going to meet someone like Jesus, a real Christian, and I just may not know how to react.

For a handy little booklet on prayer, go see: 

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Asteroid Near Miss was Real

I am not an alarmist, but yesterday’s close shave with an asteroid was concerning. I have always believed that if anything was headed our way, NASA or someone would know about it in time to prevent a collision.

We only knew about this asteroid for 48 hours before it flew by us inside the moon’s orbit. Yes, that’s right, it came closer to us than our own moon!

A newfound asteroid gave Earth a close shave early today, zipping between our planet and the moon just two days after astronomers first spotted it.

If this had happened today when all of the numerophiles were counting cosmic digits and their effects on our lives, I would have truly been given pause. As it is, this thing passed close enough that if it had swung even a few degrees, catastrophic devastation would have almost certainly resulted.

I am going to have to rethink my faith in science and technology. I’m also going to spend some time contemplating the phrase “Thy will,” (and things like mercy, providence, protection!) While it is easy just to shrug it off and say “Ok, ok–so we missed one!” it is another thing altogether to think about saying “We missed THE one!”

Time to pray…

For a great little book on prayer, go see

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Our Father…

Few things in life will make you notice the people around you as quickly as thinking you have something in common with them–you’re rooting for the same team, same NASCAR driver, same horse, whatever. It’s sort of like that with family. Family members disagree frequently, but take a family trip to an unknown place and something like an us-against-them mentality develops. We bond when there is something as simple as a common foe, or common goal, or something as lofty as a common destiny.  But the day to day grind, that boring commute, that twentieth trip to the copier, somehow tends to blur all that. We become isolated, compartmentalized, separated.

The first two words of the Lord’s Prayer adress that issue. As soon as we say Our Father we have connected ouselves to the rest of humanity. We could just as easily drop the human imagery of “father” and replace it with creator and the effect would be the same. Here we all are scurrying about this tiny blue planet as if what happens in our corner is all there is; as if hunger on the other side of the planet is of no concern; as if the slow destruction of our air and water is of little consequence; as if we’re in this by ourselves. We must never forget that everything touches everything else, including our lives.

When we finally see ourselves and our ancestry of humanity, the term Our Father becomes quite important. That guy who just flipped me off is my brother in a sense; that rude clerk is my sister; the starving children on those ubiqitous commercials could easily be my children under the right circumstances. And while saving the world is a bit of a task for me, treating like family the people with whom I cross paths  shouldn’t be such a chore.

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