Drawing in the net

I cannot count how many times I’ve heard a sermon or lecture or seminar speaker talk about the idea of “drawing in the net.” It has to do with becoming a fisher of men. Even the story of Jesus telling his disciples to throw their nets on the other side of the boat and filling their nets to breaking includes this concept in most church school lessons.

Now, think about this…

I came out to my car a few cold mornings ago and after buckling my seat belt felt something strange against my skin. I had gotten into a spider web as I entered my car. I swiped it away and drove off to start my day. The next day, the same thing: I get in my car and feel the spider web on my arm. Then the next day the same thing.

I finally realize that the spider is IN my car and making webs at night on my steering wheel! I can’t find him so I just wipe off the web and go on my way. This goes on for days, but with an amazing difference: the webs are getting smaller and have more gaps in the design. The construction gets thinner and the gaps get greater until finally one morning I find no web at all.

A few days later I am getting some materials out of my car, and I see it: a tiny dead spider. He must have starved to death. He didn’t realize he was spinning his web in an area where no food existed. No flies or ants were going to be trapped in his web for dinner. So he kept working away, finding no food, not knowing why, and finally dying.

If someone had only told him: cast your web (net) on the OUTSIDE of the car! There is food there. You can feed there. There is abundance there.

The fishermen in the Bible weren’t fishing for converts…they were fishing for food. And Jesus showed them where the abundance was: believing.

If your net isn’t full, if you can’t get your daily bread, if you aren’t receiving blessings, then maybe you should try another location. Stop spending all you effort in a place where there is no bread. Stop acclimating yourself to a life without abundance. Stop telling yourself that zero blessings is normal.

There are blessings all around you if you cast your net…


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as it is in Heaven (or in the heavens)

Here I am, blogging about heaven again. Something about it intrigues me, and not just the prospect of going there someday. I keep thinking about Jesus’ words that tell us that “Eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared.” As I have said before: If you can imagine it, that’s not it!

One thing we do know, however, is that it is a place where God’s will is always done. Wherever it is, things run smoothly there. Perhaps things happen at a thought or with the power of pure intention. Maybe things aren’t the struggle they seem to be down here (or out here, or over here, or-wherever.) Maybe it is the place our spirit, or soul, or the ineffable side of our existence came from and we remember somehow when things were right and want to return to that life. Well, that might seem a bit far-fetched for some, but anyway…

However heaven is, we have been told to seek a life here where God’s will is as present and important and real as it is there. I know some church-martyrs who beat their chests and moan about what a trial it is to do God’s will. If I EVER get to the point where I am always doing and experiencing the Creator’s will I won’t be complaining. I think I’ll be the happiest person on Earth.

For a e-workbook on The Lord’s Prayer go see: www.therealprayer.org

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