The Last Pope: Is the end of the world near?

It’s hard to believe I’m posting another “end-of-the-world” article in here. Before the sun rose on the Western hemisphere, the news services had not only announced the Pope was resigning–the first since AGES past–but also that according to an ancient prophecy, the next Pope would be the last.

Yep, that’s right–there are only so many (112) Popes in the pipeline (or Popeline, if you will) and Pope Benedict was number 111. St. Malachy’s papal prophecies suggest that the last Pope (#112) will be “Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

The Catholic church at large doesn’t put a lot of stock in this, but privately some believers are concerned. For instance, if the next Pope is really named Peter (like Peter Turkson, Cardinal of Ghana) the spiritual tension will go even higher. If the next guy is long-lived, this fear could span a generation or two (or three, if he takes office at a young age.)

I’m beginning to think that maybe we want the end to come. I mean really, the failed Preacher prophecy, the Mayan Apocalypse, two near-miss asteroids (the second happening tomorrow–Feb 15), and now…well, “May Thy kingdom come!”

I think I’ll go review the red letters.

Then I’ll pray.

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December 21, 2012-End of the world?

If I really thought December 21, 2012 was the end of the world, I would not be sitting here blogging about it. I would be out enjoying the world, not telling myself to stay at work because I can goof-off tomorrow. I would not care a bit about trying to pay my bills, plan for the holidays, or anything else related to the future, because I wouldn’t believe there was one.

Depending on my mental state, I might become psychotically depressed and go on some crazy binge of desperation. I might become violent and want to commit insane crimes, or I might just want to hole-up somewhere like a hermit and wait for the end to come.

I might be like the other end of the spectrum and believe that what is coming is not the end, but the end of an era. I read today a website foretelling a new world on December 21. Peace and harmony will abound, UFO’s will land, and, well…you get it.

But I don’t believe any of that. I think December 21, 2012 will be a day off for me, like I had planned, and I will do some Christmas shopping, visit with friends and family, and maybe take my wife out to a nice restaurant.

I believe there is already a plan in place for the end, and it doesn’t involve the Mayans, UFOs, crop circles, or anything else outside the Bible. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we actively see “Thy will”, that is to say, the will of “Our Father.”

If the end comes–well, I’m ready. If it doesn’t, I’ll be out enjoying life.

And I might even spend some time in prayer.

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The Day after the Mayan Apocalypse

As the day draws nearer for fear mongers, I’m already planning for a celebration on the day after December 21, 2012. And the first thing I’ll do is send a copy of this video to my friends:

The video is from NASA, and says it all–enjoy!

Then say a prayer of thanks.

For a great little book on prayer, go see:

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Mayan Apocalypse-End of the World?

In the famous words of Dr. Evil–“How about ‘NO’?” As the end of the final cycle of the Mayan Calendar approaches, the media is beginning to stir the pot a little. After a bit of a hiatus from the chaos of the initial revelation about the Mayan calendar, we are now hearing about believers running to gather on a mountain in France to await the end. Some clever entrepreneur is selling shelters from the cataclysm and many others are telling of suicide scares.

What at first was just a bit of an annoyance for most Christians is quickly becoming an issue with society as a whole. And the more we talk about it the worse it will become. I’ve quoted news sources and even scientists: “Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than four billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012,” NASA researchers write in an apocalypse-debunking FAQ.” (

The final words on the issue come from the final authority on all things cosmic–Christ, who said

“Now concerning that (final) day and hour no one knows–neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son–except the Father only. Matthew 24:36

As I once heard a wise old preacher say “Trust the red letters.” If you’re old enough you’ll know what that means. If you’re not, find an old Bible and look around.

Then pray.

For a great little book on prayer, go see:

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Asteroid Near Miss was Real

I am not an alarmist, but yesterday’s close shave with an asteroid was concerning. I have always believed that if anything was headed our way, NASA or someone would know about it in time to prevent a collision.

We only knew about this asteroid for 48 hours before it flew by us inside the moon’s orbit. Yes, that’s right, it came closer to us than our own moon!

A newfound asteroid gave Earth a close shave early today, zipping between our planet and the moon just two days after astronomers first spotted it.

If this had happened today when all of the numerophiles were counting cosmic digits and their effects on our lives, I would have truly been given pause. As it is, this thing passed close enough that if it had swung even a few degrees, catastrophic devastation would have almost certainly resulted.

I am going to have to rethink my faith in science and technology. I’m also going to spend some time contemplating the phrase “Thy will,” (and things like mercy, providence, protection!) While it is easy just to shrug it off and say “Ok, ok–so we missed one!” it is another thing altogether to think about saying “We missed THE one!”

Time to pray…

For a great little book on prayer, go see

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Well, today is another of those spooky days when the numbers line up just right and give the superstitious something to fret over. The sun came up just like always here on the east coast and except for overcast skies, it looks just like any other day.

I am actually somewhat relieved. We won’t get another spate of these days until 2101. Which reminds me that before there was a 12-12-2012, there was a 11-11-2011 and a 10-10-2010, all of which we lived through no worse for wear.

I am amazed at how we seem to search for things over which to worry. We brood over, yes even invent things to give our much-needed brain power over to. I have enough legitimate concerns in my life (which do need my energy) than to waste time on the fictitious or trendy.

In fact, the more time I spend in prayer, the fewer of these concern I actually have. When I say “Our Father” and ask for “Thy will,” the rest is just details.

For a great little book on prayer, go see:

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2012 – The End of the World

Again and again I see someone predicting the end of the world. So far ALL of them have been wrong. Now, while it is likely that someday one of them will be right (I mean, this thing can’t go on forever, can it?), I doubt that it will be anyone standing in the prophet line in 2012.

2012 will come and go just like 2011, and just like 2013 and 2014, etc. The only thing about the 2012 end of the world, is that the prophet is not around to argue with or deride after his failure.

This whole thing has come down to us as a newly popularized yet old as time document that intimates that the Earth will simply run out of time at the Winter solstice of 2012. Maybe the Mayan copyist just ran out of paper…or stone…or papyrus…or what ever. Maybe they understood the cyclical nature of life in a way we don’t and this calendar is a graphic representation of it.

Or maybe not.

But I know that if I really thought that the world was going to end in December 2012, I’d spend a lot more time in prayer.

And I may just do that anyway.

For an easy to use e-book on prayer, go see .

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A Lunar Eclipse

I am amazed at how people still get uneasy over things like eclipses and such. The ancients were scared out of their wits on regular occasions, thinking that the darkening of the sun or moon were signs of some great calamity, or even the end of the world. But that was long before anyone knew about the clockwork of the cosmos. We now can predict with certainty any cosmic event in our part of the universe.

Now days, the only thing which should frighten us is if something like an eclipse occurred and nobody knew it was coming! Pandemonium would ensue and I can’t imagine the utter chaos which would break out if the sun or moon or Earth somehow got out of place in the heavens.

One of the things we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer is that the Creator’s will be done on Earth as it is in the heavens. Just think about that for a moment. We are asking for the perfection, order, and creativity of the heavens to be replicated in our lives on Earth.

Now that’s something worth praying for.

For a useful  work book on the Lord’s Prayer, go see:

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End of the world

The end is near! It’s the end of the world! Prepare for the end! Cry to the Lord!

The end of the world! – Ok, for starters, it’s ok to cry to the Lord–God wants us to bring our hurts and joys and wants and needs. But no matter how many times some one says the world will end (and it will–someday) it’s probably not going to be on May 21.

The end of the world! – Here’s my prediction: There’s going to be a lot of back-peddling and good old fashioned cognitive dissonance on Sunday when the world doesn’t end on Saturday. The Bible says clearly (trust the red letters) that no one knows when the end of the world will come-not even the son.

My 21 will come and go like May 20. There will be a sunrise and sunset on May 21 just like May 22. Remember, there was NO May at all in Noah’s day (or June or July) and there was no 21st of May to start the clock ticking down to now. The math is just wrong.

So-the end of the world-will come and go. The pastor in California is well-meaning no doubt. He is concerned with non-believers and that’s a good thing. I just think when May 21 comes and goes he will have simply added more to their ranks.

Daily prayer will do a lot to cure these unreasonable fears. Get started at:

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May 21, End of the World?

I’m always amazed at those people who think they can predict the end of the world. Granted, I do think there will be an end someday, but not at the whim of someone with a “secret” formula, or code, or insight, or prophecy, and probably not on May 21.

The Bible is pretty clear that no one knows when the end will come. All of Jesus’ warnings come with the sobering idea of “watch yourselves–for you don’t know when the end will come.” NOR, I might add, did he continue by saying “but I do and it’s May 21, 2011.”

Think for a moment–which is more troubling, the idea that it will all end on May 21, or that the end could come any moment without warning? Yeah, I thought so.

My advice is to make personal piety and prayer a priority. That’s why I have this little blog site. I want you to pray–daily. And if you’re not sure how, check out the rest of my blog entries, and begin to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

I think it helps.

For an easy to use work book on the Lord’s Prayer, go to:

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