Day of Prayer

As I made my commute this morning, I listened to Focus on the Family. I am not a regular religious radio listener. What caught my ear as I channel surfed was the voice of someone, a non-professional, praying an earnest prayer. After the Amen, another began. Then another. And another.

The voices were recordings of call-ins who simply wanted to pray for the nation, leaders, schools, veterans, public servants, etc. I had to pause for a moment and think about the fact that anyone who knows what day it is–The Day of Prayer– will at some point in the day–stop and pray. Think about that for a second. On a day not Sunday, people all over America will pause and pray.  Think of the spiritual power moving around at the moment hundreds of thousands of believers are turning their hearts and minds toward God and speaking a prayer.

I decided to remember what day this is– The Day of Prayer–and turn up my spiritual sensitivity and just see if I notice any difference in the day. I mean, if people all over the US are praying, there should be some noticeable difference, right?

Take some time today to not only pray, but to listen.

For a great little workbook on prayer, go see:

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National Day of Prayer

It seems a little strange to me to see that we still have a National Day of Prayer. Not that it’s a bad thing…it’s really needed. But an ever-increasing number of people now identify themselves as “nones” — that is, unaffiliated with any religion.

But the National day of Prayer isn’t the National Day of Religion, it is a day of prayer for all peoples of all faiths to take even just a brief moment to pray, meditate, think, or just pause to reflect on their place in the Universe.

Maybe we just want to thank the Creator, ask for something from a Prophet, ancestor, or some other Avatar. And as much as we seem to get annoyed at those who do not believe like us, we still appreciate the freedom of Religion we have here in America.

It’s the National Day of Prayer. So take that day! And PRAY.

For a great little book on prayer ideal for the National Day of Prayer, Bible School, Bible Study, or any other prayer emphasis, go see:

World Day of Prayer 2013

Every year about this time, I begin to think what if…

What if the World Day of Prayer on March 1, 2013 really was just that– a day when believers everywhere stopped what they were doing and had a brief time of uninterrupted prayer. What if people who are now referred to as the “nones” (religiously unaffiliated) simply stopped to meditate. What if every believer of every faith stopped and sought out their source for one brief moment.

Close your eyes and imagine millions of people around this small blue planet kneeling, standing, lying prostrate, hands clasped in penitence or raised in praise. Imagine a world where people really believed. Imagine a world where generosity was the norm, charity was shared and healing was just part of the routine.

Imagine a World day of Prayer.

Get started at:

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May 21, End of the World?

I’m always amazed at those people who think they can predict the end of the world. Granted, I do think there will be an end someday, but not at the whim of someone with a “secret” formula, or code, or insight, or prophecy, and probably not on May 21.

The Bible is pretty clear that no one knows when the end will come. All of Jesus’ warnings come with the sobering idea of “watch yourselves–for you don’t know when the end will come.” NOR, I might add, did he continue by saying “but I do and it’s May 21, 2011.”

Think for a moment–which is more troubling, the idea that it will all end on May 21, or that the end could come any moment without warning? Yeah, I thought so.

My advice is to make personal piety and prayer a priority. That’s why I have this little blog site. I want you to pray–daily. And if you’re not sure how, check out the rest of my blog entries, and begin to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

I think it helps.

For an easy to use work book on the Lord’s Prayer, go to:

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National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is at risk. When our founding fathers came to this country, they were looking for freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. They simply did not want government enforced church, tax, labor, and many other things. Being a part of the Christian tradition myself, it is easy to forget that times have changed. 

But changed they have. If it is the case that many no longer embrace the “faith of our fathers” then so be it. Religious freedom is a two-edged sword. While it does bother me that some legislators wan to abolish the National Day of Prayer, I might feel differently if I were not “religious.” It saddens me a bit that we a drifting further from our roots, but if government supported religion is our strength, we have gotten off track more than we know.

The strength of prayer is not the state, but the individual. I will continue to pray or meditate or study or whatever I want whether the government recognizes it with a “National Day” or not–it is  a personal affair. The National Day of Prayer is just an accommodation for those of us with faith which allows us to feel a part of something bigger as we stop to ponder the impact of all people of prayer doing their thing at the same time on the same day.

I may not have the latitude to take off work and enter my prayer closet, but sometime during the day, I can step off the treadmill and say…

Our Father…

For an easy to use prayer guide, visit