Continuous Partial Attention

I recently ran across Linda Stone’s blog site ( and was amazed and impressed to read so many things with which I agree. As a teacher and conference leader, the thing that made me want to stand up and shout a hearty YES was this concept of continuous partial attention. The term is used to describe the way we try to text, message, work, eat, and search for meaning in our lives–all at the same time. And we can’t give full attention to anything.

We have so many things to attend to in our busy lives that we have become unable to focus on any one thing for very long. One only has to observe spectators at a ball game, or even a committee meeting, and the emotional chaos that ensues to realize that we are truly sometimes incapable  of controlling our selves.

We have also lost the art of prayer and meditation. Our instructions were to go into our closet, and when we have closed the door, pray. “The one who hears in secret will answer openly.”

Make an effort to reclaim your quiet time in your quiet place.

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