Lead us not into temptation…

Why would I ever have to beg our creator not to tempt and tease me? This is one of those verses that troubles me, simply because of my mental image of God. Maybe he does tempt and try us. The hymn singing of so many denominations is a testament to that. Some people seem to revel in their trials and, it sometimes appears, want to brag about how they are “suffering for Jesus.”

This is such a difficult image for me to take seriously. Any entity powerful enough to call all creation into existence would surely have a purpose greater than dangling before me some fleshly carrot on a stick. Or is that carrot far more important thanĀ I realize?

I now believe that while staying on my spiritualĀ path is paramount, my human desires are nonetheless real and my focus must continually be brought back to the true path. “Keep me focused on the path.” Or how about this: “Lead me,–not into temptation, but awayfrom trespasses.” Funny how one little comma can make such a difference!

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