The World Needs a “Day of Prayer”

In his resignation speech, the Pope said he wondered if “The Lord was sleeping” throughout the trials and distresses of the Catholic Church recently. He no doubt experienced what most of us experience–the silence of God. Although Psalm 121 teaches “He who watches over Israel slumbers not, nor does he sleep,” it is easy to feel ignored sometimes. We all need a Day of Prayer.

That’s why a day for prayer seems so important now, because so many people feel ignored that unbelief is on a rapid rise. But I do know this–prayers are answered. But many today just don’t bother. They might pray once or twice and then give up. “Pray without ceasing,” Paul writes. It is the habit of prayer, or more accurately, the habit of FAITH, that moves mountains, not a knee-jerk, slot machine style of asking.

I advise beginners to start with the simple Lord’s Prayer. Once you understand its simplicity, you can use the framework for all of your daily prayers. Once you start, it becomes a habit. A habit of believing.

For a good little e-book on prayer, go see:

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World Day of Prayer 2013

Every year about this time, I begin to think what if…

What if the World Day of Prayer on March 1, 2013 really was just that– a day when believers everywhere stopped what they were doing and had a brief time of uninterrupted prayer. What if people who are now referred to as the “nones” (religiously unaffiliated) simply stopped to meditate. What if every believer of every faith stopped and sought out their source for one brief moment.

Close your eyes and imagine millions of people around this small blue planet kneeling, standing, lying prostrate, hands clasped in penitence or raised in praise. Imagine a world where people really believed. Imagine a world where generosity was the norm, charity was shared and healing was just part of the routine.

Imagine a World day of Prayer.

Get started at:

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Can You Trademark Jesus? Italian “Jesus Jeans” maker says YES!

I am not surprised that some company would put the name of Jesus on their product. I am not even surprised that someone would come up with the idea of Jesus Jeans. That’s actually pretty clever, even though Jesus never actually wore jeans.

What I am surprised at is the fact that the Italian clothing company was able to trademark the name of Jesus, yes, that’s right–trademark “Jesus” IN THE US! How on earth can you restrict the use of the name of the Son of God in a country wich was touted to have been founded on religious freedom? What happened to Hallowed be thy name?

See the article at:

What were the trademark officers thinking? This reminds me of an All Star United song called Smash Hit. The chorus goes:

This Jesus thing is a smash hit. It’s packaged right, all stocks have split. It’s a smash hit. It’s gone worldwide.

Now realistically, I guess all they’re really concerned about is clothing manufacturers creating some kind of Jesus brand knock-off, but  it still gives me pause to think that an Italian company could have any sway over an American’s use of the name of Jesus.

I gotta go pray.

For a great little book on the Lord’s Prayer, go see:

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As We Forgive Others…

I’ve been reading some psychology articles on forgiveness recently, and I’m impressed by the amount of data that suggests that forgiveness is good for you.There was even some hint of a debate that says we forgive for one of two reasons: 1. It makes us feel better, or 2. It’s the right thing to do.

Why can’t it be both? I mean, doing the right thing should make us feel better, right? And whether purging our hearts of resentment and hurt restores a damaged relationship, or merely releases us from the weight of a damaged ego, either way it’s good, right?

People who forgive sleep better, digest their food more efficiently, and maybe even eliminate one more cause of high blood pressure. I know there are many self-help gurus who talk about both the emotional and physical benefits of  forgiveness, but there is an enormous spiritual benefit as well. Forgive us as we forgive others.

This might be the original win-win.

Pray about it…

For a great little e-book on prayer, go see:

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The Last Pope: Is the end of the world near?

It’s hard to believe I’m posting another “end-of-the-world” article in here. Before the sun rose on the Western hemisphere, the news services had not only announced the Pope was resigning–the first since AGES past–but also that according to an ancient prophecy, the next Pope would be the last.

Yep, that’s right–there are only so many (112) Popes in the pipeline (or Popeline, if you will) and Pope Benedict was number 111. St. Malachy’s papal prophecies suggest that the last Pope (#112) will be “Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

The Catholic church at large doesn’t put a lot of stock in this, but privately some believers are concerned. For instance, if the next Pope is really named Peter (like Peter Turkson, Cardinal of Ghana) the spiritual tension will go even higher. If the next guy is long-lived, this fear could span a generation or two (or three, if he takes office at a young age.)

I’m beginning to think that maybe we want the end to come. I mean really, the failed Preacher prophecy, the Mayan Apocalypse, two near-miss asteroids (the second happening tomorrow–Feb 15), and now…well, “May Thy kingdom come!”

I think I’ll go review the red letters.

Then I’ll pray.

For a useful little study guide on the Lord’s Prayer, go see:

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