Americans not as religious as they say? Hmm…

A new poll from the Pew Research Center says that nearly 20% of American say they are not affiliated with any religion. That’s right–one in five admit they do not go to church anywhere. The good news is that 80% of us DO go to church somewhere on Sunday or Saturday (or whenever.) Or do we?

Shankar Vedantam of NPR recently stated this:

 Well, leaders of several religious denominations for many years in the United States have said if (only)45 percent of Americans are attending church every Sunday, the pews should be packed.

But they’re not. In fact the pews are getting anything but packed. As I wrote in an earlier blog, the fastest growing religion in America is officially “no religion.” This has been discovered by people like sociologist Philip Brenner (UM Boston) who says he suspects that people who answer that question are really answering another question like “Are you the kind of person who goes to church?” And of course, the answer many times is yes.

If, however, you have them keep a diary of their whereabouts on, oh, let’s say, Sunday or Saturday, you’ll find out that very few people are in their house of worship anytime during the week. In fact, using the Time Diary Method, the percentage of Americans who documented attending a religious service is actually around 24%.

If you are reading this blog, you probably understand the import of “our Father” and you are probably interested in matters of faith. Our numbers are shrinking. We are not having the evangelical effect we once did. Nobody wants what we have to offer.

It begs the question: do we have anything to offer?

Maybe it starts with a prayer.

For an easy to use workbook on prayer, go see:

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Texas Cheerleaders can use Bible banners

A judge in one Texas town has ruled that the cheerleaders at a local high school have the right to use banners containing Bible verses at their games. The ruling came after a Wisconsin-based rights group protested saying the banners used in one San Antonio school’s after-school ballgames violated church-state rules.

 Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told Reuters “The Constitution does not command religious silence at school. It just prevents the school from dictating religious belief.” BRAVO AG Abbott! You get it! Athletic events are by-and-large community pride events. If Bible verses are a part of that community’s norms, then so be it.

Finally, I don’t understand what that Wisconsin group had to do with it at all. Check your borders, you’re a LONG way from Texas. When cheerleaders in Wisconsin start exercising their constitutional right to free religious expression, then you can protest.

A little more personal piety, a little more faith, a little more time in the prayer closet–just might help us all.

Get started improving your prayer life. Go see:

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Crosses airbrushed from LSU fans pics

A group of LSU fans who are members of a Christian sports fan club called the Painted Posse are a fixture at LSU games. They love their school and they love Jesus. They get photographed on regular occasions and even show up in screen shots from network television to ESPN and the appearance of the crosses painted on their chests have never been an issue. Until now.

LSU officials sent out an email (about a recent game) which featured the Painted Posse — with the crosses removed. They said they didn’t want to offend anyone. They certainly didn’t worry about offending any Christians, now, did they?

The students are being good sports about the whole thing, and the officials said next time they’ll choose another picture. That’ll fix it, right? We’ll just not choose any picture with a cross or a star of David or anything that might show anyone as a person of faith–then we can focus on the game.

The mistake the officials made was interfering with reality. There was no need to erase the crosses, touch up their acne, or thin their facial hair. Just let things be. No one would have even noticed if the pictures had never been retouched.

It pains me that we have become so sensitive to offending people with our irrational intangible religions. I promise not to make you choke on my faith–if you’ll not make me endure your lack of it.

It won’t harm the world at all to just let me believe, and pray, and have my faith.

For a great little study on prayer, go see:


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Tebowing Inc.

I read a CNN article ( about how close Tim Tebow is to registering his now famous touchdown kneel as a trademark. Yep, that’s right–Tebowing will become a trademarked action. You can even go to his website .

At first look, this almost seems like a joke, but he’s not trying to trademark prayer itself, just the name “Tebowing.” I think it’s a great idea, especially for young athletes looking for an example. He defines Tebowing as “To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.”

You know what? I can’t count the times I’ve felt the need to Tebow and DIDN”T because of my surroundings. You’d think a full-grown adult would be past these types of insecurities, but we all have our flaws, I guess.

I applaud the idea of Tebowing. I hope it catches on. We all need to pray more.

For a great little book on the Lord’s Prayer, go see:

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