Why people hate church…

I once saw a billboard for a local church which read “If you hate church but love God…” The name of the church followed along with other contact information and it did get my attention. I actually had to think for a moment if that sign was for me. I wasn’t quite ready to hate church, but I didn’t enjoy it as I once had.

It wasn’t for any theological reasons, mind you, the church’s religious paradigms were well within accepted parameters. It appeared to be the people. In spite of all the love talk, and forgiveness talk, there was an obvious shortage of both. Decisions were made in business meetings which were fraught with disagreement and hostility, and nobody can hold a grudge like a Christian!

Recently, I read a news article about just how churches were shrinking http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44192469/ns/health-behavior/t/who-going-church-not-who-you-think-study-finds/. Now historically, churches were peopled with either the good of the town or the bad of the town. You know, good people go to church because that’s what good people do, and bad people go to church because that’s what bad people do. But much of this was also tied to economics as well. The affluent went to a certain kind of church and all the poor people went to another kind of church.

Now it seems both the middle class and the poor are avoiding the church. My guess is that in times of real stress, people have tried the church and found out there are no answers there. There is a lot of talk, but no answers.

The problem? People have gotten in the habit of looking to the church for answers rather than God. No one at a church has an answer for you–they’re all just seeking like you (or have long since stopped seeking and have settled for a life of peer affirmation.) YOU are responsible for finding your own answers! You have to seek God. You have to seek out a way to pray, or meditate, or think, or feel, or whatever.

The purpose of this little blog is simply to get you to begin–somewhere. And just maybe by learning to use and experience the Lord’s Prayer. Go visit: www.therealprayer.com

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