A Lunar Eclipse

I am amazed at how people still get uneasy over things like eclipses and such. The ancients were scared out of their wits on regular occasions, thinking that the darkening of the sun or moon were signs of some great calamity, or even the end of the world. But that was long before anyone knew about the clockwork of the cosmos. We now can predict with certainty any cosmic event in our part of the universe.

Now days, the only thing which should frighten us is if something like an eclipse occurred and nobody knew it was coming! Pandemonium would ensue and I can’t imagine the utter chaos which would break out if the sun or moon or Earth somehow got out of place in the heavens.

One of the things we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer is that the Creator’s will be done on Earth as it is in the heavens. Just think about that for a moment. We are asking for the perfection, order, and creativity of the heavens to be replicated in our lives on Earth.

Now that’s something worth praying for.

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BBC airs Assisted Suicide

The BBC aired an assisted suicide the other night. They broadcasted the entire suicide  from start to finish. The man was dying from a neurological disorder and did not want to experience  a slow and undignified death. With his wife at his side he slipped into a deep and unending sleep.

I’m not sure how I feel about suicide, let alone one shown on television. At the outset, it seems that we could easily take one side or the other. There are probably more reasons a person would want to die than we can imagine (or understand) and to simply dismiss it out of hand with some glib cliché seems to be insensitive. And as I get older, the more I feel this way.

Many of us are fortunate in that we will never feel that unfathomable hopelessness, or know such irreparable regret that ending it all seems to be the only solution. While many do experience discouragement, we do not all feel it to the level that suicide becomes an option.

Health problems present another conundrum. What if we want to “pull our own plug?” What if we know how it will end, and the process of our demise seems just too horrible to go through or put our families through?

No one has the “just right” answer.

No one has the corner on the truth. But I happen to believe our Creator, our Father, knows all about the created and remembers “that we are but dust.”

I cannot tell you, just now, sitting at my computer, what I may believe when the time of my personal decision comes, but I do believe that if I have lived a life of sustained contact with that Creator, the decision will be much easier.

Pray every day.

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Pentecost, strictly speaking, is a Jewish celebration of  the giving of the commandments that falls 50 days after the exodus from Egypt (Passover. ) Christians celebrate it as a memorial of the coming of the Holy Spirit that occurred during the observance of Pentecost shortly after the ascension of Christ.

Various Christian churches observe it various ways, but always with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost, Holy Presence, Paraclete, Breath of God, among others.)

At its simplest, it is the recognition that the Spirit is to be within us what Christ would have been beside us had we lived in his day: teacher, healer, provider, counselor, consoler, whatever is needed.

The Bible tells us that the Spirit intercedes for us before God with words we cannot utter, and in ways we probably cannot understand.

But it all starts with a prayer.

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Prayer Banned at High School Graduation

Prayer has been banned at the graduation ceremonies of  a high school in Castroville, Texas by Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery. His ruling came in response to two parents who thought prayer at a school ceremony would cause their child “irreparable harm.”

It became illegal to say prayer, pray, invocation, amen, or anything other words and phrases associated with Christianity. Talk about stepping on someone’s rights!

So we spend a full semester teaching them about freedom of speech, freedom of religion (not freedom from religion,) constitutional rights, etc., then take away these rights through the smoke screen of a misappropriated civil liberties argument. It’s kind of like the way we teach them basic science and the scientific method, then flush it all down the drain by telling them life spontaneously generated and developed through evolution in some magical way we can’t really explain.

I like to quote the words of song writer and producer Steve Taylor in his song Lead the Way, “The more I chew the less I swallow.”  Great line.

Later, more rational folk lifted the ban and the school’s valedictorian can at least say “amen.” See the article at http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/03/texas-senator-blasts-judges-decision-to-forbid-public-prayer-at-high-school/?test=latestnews 

And though I’m happy at the students’ restored rights to open or close their ceremony with prayer (or not to –if it is their collective choice) it saddens me that the argument ever lifted it’s head to begin with.

Pray everyday.

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