End of the world

The end is near! It’s the end of the world! Prepare for the end! Cry to the Lord!

The end of the world! – Ok, for starters, it’s ok to cry to the Lord–God wants us to bring our hurts and joys and wants and needs. But no matter how many times some one says the world will end (and it will–someday) it’s probably not going to be on May 21.

The end of the world! – Here’s my prediction: There’s going to be a lot of back-peddling and good old fashioned cognitive dissonance on Sunday when the world doesn’t end on Saturday. The Bible says clearly (trust the red letters) that no one knows when the end of the world will come-not even the son.

My 21 will come and go like May 20. There will be a sunrise and sunset on May 21 just like May 22. Remember, there was NO May at all in Noah’s day (or June or July) and there was no 21st of May to start the clock ticking down to now. The math is just wrong.

So-the end of the world-will come and go. The pastor in California is well-meaning no doubt. He is concerned with non-believers and that’s a good thing. I just think when May 21 comes and goes he will have simply added more to their ranks.

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May 21, End of the World?

I’m always amazed at those people who think they can predict the end of the world. Granted, I do think there will be an end someday, but not at the whim of someone with a “secret” formula, or code, or insight, or prophecy, and probably not on May 21.

The Bible is pretty clear that no one knows when the end will come. All of Jesus’ warnings come with the sobering idea of “watch yourselves–for you don’t know when the end will come.” NOR, I might add, did he continue by saying “but I do and it’s May 21, 2011.”

Think for a moment–which is more troubling, the idea that it will all end on May 21, or that the end could come any moment without warning? Yeah, I thought so.

My advice is to make personal piety and prayer a priority. That’s why I have this little blog site. I want you to pray–daily. And if you’re not sure how, check out the rest of my blog entries, and begin to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

I think it helps.

For an easy to use work book on the Lord’s Prayer, go to: www.therealprayer.com

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