Grilled Cheesus

For centuries people have claimed to see image of deity in the most common of places. The most amusing to me is the image of the face of Christ in a grilled sandwich some time ago. That was followed by a sandwich griller that will burn an image of Jesus in your bread. Latest of all is the October 5 episode of Glee called “Grille Cheesus.” The story is a bit banal, but it depicts a young man who believes the image is a sign, puts his faith in the sign, and then thinks he sees miracles coming to pass because he prayed to the image.

The satirical approach is immediately funny if you’re not religious, but a bit offensive if you are. If Jesus is who he said he is, then as a deity he is above humor.

But I am a believer and I think Grilled Cheesus is a clever play on words and hence a bit funny. Where the real humor lies for me, however, is how it points up they way in which we come close to deifying just about anything that comes down the highway of religion. Sometimes we believe some things that just have no basis in our writings or teachings or the words of our prophets.

As we are bombarded with more and more things which call themselves religious, I think what we really need is a return to personal piety, meditation, and prayer. In there, somewhere, we will find our true beliefs. And once having found them, we can rebuild our lives around them.

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