Noah’s Ark found (again)

A group of explorers has claimed that there is a 99.9% cahnce that the massive structure underneath the snow on Mt Ararat in Turkey is what’s left of the famous Noah’s Ark. I remember a similar find back in the 70’s, but the Turkish government wouldn’t let the finders be the keepers. In spite of the  strange fact that a ship could be found this high in the mountains, many are more interested in the banter between the touters and doubters than in any possibility of truth.

Is it the ark? Who knows? Whether a person is a believer or not, finding a huge wooden ship this high in the mountains from 5000 years ago is still quite a find! Unfortunately, however, this find is tied to a story which is in the Bible which has of late become a fashionable target for slamming and ridicule. Just think: If this vessel had been found independent of any religious reference at all, it would be on the cover of National Geographic.  Instead, it is simply comment fodder for news blogs.

Believers can never let any late-term discovery turn into an attempt at validation for their faith. You either believe or not–ark or not. The kingdom is ever and always the creator’s. We are just along for the journey and not to wage some kind of belief battle with doubters. Everyone must find their own way in their own time. Just like you did.

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Craigslist (or is it Craig’s List?)

Craigslist has received some bad press of late because of the unfortunate activities of some of its customers.  The premise of Craigslist is sound: create an environment where those seeking can connect with those offering to their mutual benefit. Most ads placed on Craigslist are free, but again, what started out as a good idea has been infiltrated by some bad ideas.

The Lord’s Prayer is somewhat like that. It was touted by Jesus as a way those in need (us) could connect with supply (the creator.) He was pretty clear with the instructions, too. He said “Don’t pray just to be heard by others,” and, “Don’t just pray the same thing the same way again and again.” But as history shows us, we did turn it into the vain repetition he warned us about. Nowadays, those who don’t repeat it week after week don’t use it at all.

Used as a guide, The Lord’s Prayer, or Disciple’s Prayer, is the path to many things. Understanding, abundance, peace, supply, change, all can come if one prays from a faithful heart. Get in the habit of saying this prayer differently so it remains fresh in meaning to you. Easy ideas are at: .

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Earth Day Mass Save

I just read about a great program available to the people of Massachusetts. As part of a new ecological emphasis, they can take an old energy wasting appliance and trade it in on a new energy-saving one. The rebate is worth up to $250. Imagine–you get rid of your old appliance, get a new one, get lower utility bills, and get $250 on top of all that! What’s not to love?

All our lives should always have opportunities like that, right? In so many places in scriptures, we are told that our faith and expectation is what “makes us whole,” –Biblespeak for heals us, or supplies us, or fixes things. When we start down that road of faith, even the smallest victory should be celebrated and cataloged. These events then seem reasonable and probable to us and we begin to experience more of them. Pretty soon, the abundant life is the normal life for us. Our daily bread is truly that-daily.

And it all begins when we exchange our old life for a new one.

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Thy name…

To hallow something means to venerate it, set it apart. It comes from earlier pronunciations of “holy” which comes from and even earlier Hebrew word meaning “other.” To be hallowed is to be “different,” uncommon, not like the rest.

When Moses asked who he was to say had sent him after the meeting on Mount Sinai, he wanted a name–you know, like Fred, or Tom, or Ba-al. But the creator did not say “I am Fred” (or Tom, or Tiamat.) The voice simply said “I AM WHO IS.” This, I assume, as opposed to all those others who were NOT. It would have been just as accurate if the voice had said “I am the true source, not invented by the myths and religions of man, but the real creator.”

This was the real deal and this creator had provided a way for not just survival, but for conquest and abundance. If these people believed, all their needs would be provided.

Notice, however, the voice did not divulge the name of the creator, just that this IS the creator. Keeping that in mind, we are left with the fact that since we do not know the proper name, we cannot exactly hallow it.  What we can do is render this verse properly and say “You are called hallowed (holy)” or even better “You are set apart from us, different, venerated, honored.”

Experiment with your own paraphrase and find the one that says how you feel. Make it personal, then say it with all your heart!

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Good Friday Prayer

Many aeons ago, the one who taught us to pray saying “Our Father…” was killed for, among other things, teaching us to pray. With Jesus’ method, one could sidestep the legalisms and go-betweens and speak directly to the Creator. Spiritual independence!? What would that do for the organized business of religion?

What if everyone suddenly had believed him? What if folks prayed without ceasing, believing every word of every prayer was heard and heeded? What if they practiced their faith-making-them-whole on a daily basis? What if they then taught it to their children, and on to the next generation? What if believers gathered to celebrate their abundant life in true gratitude rather than in fear of punishment if they did not?

And what if each Friday we remembered that original Good Friday when Christ lay in the tomb, silenced for a few days because he was so intent on teaching us the truth that the only way to shut him was to crucify him? And what if the anticipation of the Sunday to come when he would prove the truth by returning from the dead was so real to us that we could not be silenced? What if we prayed Thy will, and meant it?

What a Good Friday that would be!

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