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Not long ago I was reading an article about, of all things, marketing. There was an insight there about how some people can hinder their sales if they view the prospective customer as a limited resource. It’s hard enough to get a customer to buy if they believe their resources are too limited to make a purchase, but if you believe that, you’ll never sell them anything!

It made me look at my own dislike of sales people. I always feel pressured to buy something I don’t really want from someone I don’t really trust. But at the bottom of all my disdain I found something worse: my belief in my own limitations. And confronting sales people just reminded of those limits. Each time I thought of buying anything I would always just sigh and think “I can’t afford that now. Besides, I better save my money.” Why? I was sure that something bad would happen and I would need the money later and regret the purchase. I put off having something that would bring me joy to prepare for something that would bring me pain. I anticipated lack. I planned for hurt. Worry was my daily bread.

Then I came across the teaching that there was no use in hoarding. I came to know that I will never have it all. I will never get it all done or planned for. The bread that comes into my life is to be enjoyed then shared! I am not to be a storehouse for bread. I am to be a conduit through which bread flows. I simply direct the blessings which come my way.  And they never stop. I never run out. I don’t feel stressed, or worried, or compelled to save and scrimp. What I need is all around me, because the Provider is all around me.

And now that is my daily bread.

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Thy will be done…

Asking for the Creator’s will to be done could be seen as dangerous if it collides with ours. I have heard this prayer offered time after time, knowing full well that the real request was for God’s will to be the will of the person praying. “Tell me that what I am requesting is really your will.”

Asking “They will be done” assumes that you are ready to accept the creator’s will, not that the creator should fit his plans into yours. It also assumes a large amount of trust. If I say “have it your way,” I am trusting that your way will not conflict with mine or, at the very least, will not harm me.

So what is the will of God? “That you might have life, and have it more abundantly.” Sign me up! What did you think it was going to be? Suffer with the poor? Teach English to migrants? Feed the hungry? Quit your job and live as a hermit?  For some reason, we always assume that yielding to God’s will means a life of want and suffering and sacrifice. It might be, but if it is God’s will for you, you will see that as a full and abundant life. It will complete and fulfill you. But don’t do it just to play the martyr. You will fail.

Discover God’s will for mankind. See how you fit into that. When you find your source of abundance, you’ll know it.

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