forgive us

To me, the most frightening verse in scripture  is this: The thing I have feared most has come upon me. Job is speaking and it reveals something about him and us. The life we live is reflection of our true thoughts and feelings–not what we sayare our thoughts and feelings. Job’s experience reflected his innermost consuming thoughts-the fear of losing his possessions.

Don’t you know people who relive their mistakes over and over. They keep marrying/dating the same losers, or making the same bad financial decisions. They habitually have the same pessimistic outlook because their experience has taught them “not to get their hopes up” or “don’t expect too much.” They begin to learn that they don’t deserveany successes in life. Many grew up in dysfunctional families and believe they can’t do any better because they weren’t raised any better. They live their lives expecting bad things and that expectation brings about more bad which adds evidence to their belief that they should only expect bad and that…well, you get the idea. They are programmed to expect bad.

Even in church I am told that I’m “such a worm” and that I need to repent or any number of other things designed to show myself worthy, knowing all the while I’m not.

Now here’s the conflict: Jesus came into this world to REMOVE that guilt and no-account, beat-down attitude we have about ourselves. But we tend hang on to all that even after we say we are a believer. He came, as John 3:17 says, not “to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.” You cannot experience abundant life if you are harboring a bad-feeling past. Dragging past mistakes around behind you will only keep you from the freedom you were meant to have!

Realizing that one thing will open so many spiritual doors for you. You can start reprogramming yourself to expect the good for once in your life. And just imagine if you could drop not only those feelings about yourself, but let go of those types of feeling you have about others. What a world this would be.

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our daily bread

I remember my aunt occasionally telling me something like “Take it easy on the milk, it’s all we have.” Meaning don’t gulp it down with dinner–you won’t be getting another glass. I heard that so many times I grew up with a programmed fear of running out. So many times we ask for our daily bread in the same manner.

We want just enough to get by, not enough to waste, or look “hoggish.” We operate from a mindset of only getting by, not getting ahead. Getting ahead sounds evil, selfish, not self-sacrificing. We have a fear of getting too much.

If our creator could only get us to see the truth that the supply never runs out! Remember the story of the loaves and fishes? Jesus took a little and made a lot out of it. Too bad there was just not enough to go around. People were turned away hungry. Sad faces stared helplessly at this so-called miracle worker as he literally ran out of bread.

I hope you’re thinking “Ah, wait. That story’s not in my bible…”

Yeah, mine either. Mine says there was plenty to go around and when everybody had eaten their fill, there were twelve basket-fulls leftover. Our daily bread is just that: daily. It is just a thought away and it never runs out.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if even just a few so-called believers really believed that?

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as it is in Heaven (or in the heavens)

Here I am, blogging about heaven again. Something about it intrigues me, and not just the prospect of going there someday. I keep thinking about Jesus’ words that tell us that “Eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared.” As I have said before: If you can imagine it, that’s not it!

One thing we do know, however, is that it is a place where God’s will is always done. Wherever it is, things run smoothly there. Perhaps things happen at a thought or with the power of pure intention. Maybe things aren’t the struggle they seem to be down here (or out here, or over here, or-wherever.) Maybe it is the place our spirit, or soul, or the ineffable side of our existence came from and we remember somehow when things were right and want to return to that life. Well, that might seem a bit far-fetched for some, but anyway…

However heaven is, we have been told to seek a life here where God’s will is as present and important and real as it is there. I know some church-martyrs who beat their chests and moan about what a trial it is to do God’s will. If I EVER get to the point where I am always doing and experiencing the Creator’s will I won’t be complaining. I think I’ll be the happiest person on Earth.

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